Bathrooms - Most common place in homes to keep medications

Why are medicine cabinets found in bathrooms in homes? First- if a stranger was to break into your home looking for prescription drugs, that is the first place they would look for medications. 
Second- it is one of the WORST places to store medications!
According to Mary Jayne Kennedy, MD department chair of clinical sciences in High Point University’s Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy;
It’s common to store medications in a place that’s convenient and that you visit many times a day.  For many people, this is the bathroom. However, many medications can lose their strength and even break down when stored in a damp environment such as a bathroom or near a kitchen sink.  It is, therefore, best to store your medications in a dry place, away from heat, direct light or any source of dampness.”
This is why Razbag is a perfect medication storage solution! It keeps your medications away from the damaging effects of moisture, heat, and light.
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