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Question: If I have 20 large bottles (like otc vitamins), will this still work?

AnswerThank you for your interest and question. The loops are only large enough for most prescription bottles of various sizes. As the bag is, it will not accommodate the big vitamin bottles, however, in the next 2-3 weeks, we will offer on Amazon, Razbag Loop Extenders. They will be six for $6.95. With these, you can accommodate about 5-6 of the larger pill bottles for vitamins, 90-day maintenance medications or larger pill bottles and still close the bag to keep it secure with other medications in the remaining loops. The total count will vary depending on size and number of the larger bottles used. There are also two clear view pockets on the inside and one large pocket on the outside of the bag for additional storage of supplies or medications. - Thank you for your consideration. - Razbag

Question: What size is the travel size?

Answer: The Traveler Size is 19” x .05” x 7.5” and weighs 8 ounces. Great for Perscriptions or Toiletries for travel. Small enough to fit in most diaper bags or suitcases. Clear View of Everything. Holds 5 Assorted Sizes of Medicine Containers. The outside pocket is great for other medical devices such as diabetes monitors or thermometers etc. Safe Storage and Lockable. Thank you. - Razbag

Question: Is there a carrying strap on this bag as pictured?

Answer: YES

Question: What size padlock fits this?

Answer: This will accommodate a small luggage lock or TSA lock for travel. Something that would be used to lock luggage, you can either get a lock with a key or a 3 or 4 digit combination lock. We offer a Razbag 4 digit combination lock on our website, we would recommend a TSA luggage lock that has a metal case and steel shackle. We feel strongly to keep medicines locked and away from children or others.
Thank you for your question. - Razbag

Question: Let's try this again! pertaining to the large bag that comes with the tsa lock, what are its size dimensions when the bag is zipped closed?

Answer: Thank you for your question, it kind of depends on the size of medicine bottles that are inside the bag, but approximately 18"-19" in length and about 8"-9" wide, it will vary slightly depending on the size of medicine bottles you have in it. The thickness can be 2"-4" when it's closed and zipped up. - Thank you - Razbag 

Question: My daughter takes meds though a G tube. Will this hold liquid prescription drugs in their bottle?

Answer: First, I'm very sorry to hear about your daughters' health concerns, trials, and challenges. I'm sure as a parent it is very difficult not only for her but for your entire family. It is certainly a blessing to have these medical marvels to help and give hope. Every child is precious. The Razbag should accommodate liquid prescription drugs in their bottle depending on size. If the bottle is too large we also offer Razbag Loop Extenders also found on Amazon and this should work well for you. There is also a large outside pocket and two clear view inside pockets to hold the other medical items you may need as well. Thank you for your question. - Razbag

Question: Can the travel size fit in a ladies purse?

Answer: Great question, the Product Dimensions are 19 x 0.5 x 7.5 inches, (empty) it may be too big to fit in a small purse, just depends on the size of the purse. Thank you for your consideration - Razbag

Question: What are Size measurements

Answer: Good morning, the Product Dimensions are 18 x 1 x 19 inches, it has 20 strong elastic loops for regular pill bottles and two inside clear pockets to store other items those are about 8.5" x 5". There is also a pocket on the outside of the bag that is about 8.5" x 7.5" to hold things as well. If you need to store larger 90 day supply bottles these loops are not engineered to fit the larger bottles, however, we also offer loop extender that will resolve that problem. Thank you for your interest. - Razbag 

Question: Does this locking medication bag come with the combination lock included, or do I have to buy it separately? What size lock goes on this item?

AnswerThank you for your question, The Portable, Lockable, Prescription bag does not come with a lock. Our other Lockable Medicine Bag does come with a TSA lock included. Some people already have a small TSA lock that they can use, that's why we offer it both ways. - Thank you, - Razbag 

Question: All 8 of my Med come in bottles 1-1/2” x 3-3/4” is there a travel organizer for those?

Answer: Thank you for your question, there is not a specific bag for this size, however, with the Razbag Loop Extenders they will help accommodate the larger bottles. 


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