Question: If I have 20 large bottles (like otc vitamins), will this still work?

Answer: Thank you for your interest and question. The Butterfly loops will accommodate most prescription bottles of various sizes.  There are also two clear view zippered pockets on the inside and one large pocket on the outside of the bag for additional storage of supplies or medications. - Thank you for your consideration. - Razbag

 Question: My daughter takes meds though a G tube. Will this hold liquid prescription drugs in their bottle?

Answer: First, I'm very sorry to hear about your daughters' health concerns, trials, and challenges. I'm sure as a parent it is very difficult not only for her but for your entire family. It is certainly a blessing to have these medical marvels to help and give hope. Every child is precious. The Razbag should accommodate liquid prescription drugs in their bottle depending on size.  There is also a large outside pocket and two clear view inside pockets to hold the other medical items you may need as well. Thank you for your question. - Razbag