Children Seen in the Emergency Room due to getting into Medications

We created the Razbag for several reasons. First and foremost we want to keep medications out of the hands of children. We found the following statistics at:

About 165 young kids every day − or roughly four school busloads of children − are seen in emergency rooms after getting into medications in the U.S.”  (that’s  60,225 a year!)  Every single one of those trips to the ER could have been prevented!   We can find all kinds of medication containers in our homes.  Prescriptions,  over- the- counter medications, vitamins as well as herbal supplements. These all pose a danger to our children.  These can be enticing to young children as many are colorful and can resemble candy.  95% of unintentional medication overdose visits to emergency departments are caused by a child ingesting medication while unsupervised.   For teens looking to get high,  medicine bottles are easily obtained in most homes.  Two-thirds of teens who report abuse are getting them from friends and family (grandparents, that’s you too) Don’t allow the teens in your life to have access to your medicine!


Our lockable pill bottle organizer bag can be hung in a closet, away from children and because it’s lockable teens will not be able to access medications that may be dangerous to them.  Ultimately, safe storage of medication means safe children. Keep your medicine locked up!


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