Family Pets digesting OUR medications, what happens next?

To those of us who own pets, we know that these furry creatures are members of our families.  Did you know that thousands of pets are rushed to veterinary clinics each year because of an unintentional overdose of OUR medications? The costs of those visits can be staggering! I know a neighbor’s dog recently got into a prescription bottle and consumed an unknown number of pills. The dog became very sick and the cost was more than $2000 to get the pup better.  You first may find evidence; such as an empty pill bottle or a pillbox that has been ripped apart.
 If your pet has gotten into your medicine it may show the following signs;
Abdominal pain
Loss of appetite
Excessive salivation
Lack of coordination
You may call the ASPCA animal poison control line 888-426-4435 (a fee may apply) in many cases you will need to rush your animal to the vet for emergency treatment.
This is yet another reason we advocate always keeping your medications put away and locked up.  Although animals can be very curious and tricky, we have yet to find one that can get a hanging Razbag out of a closet.
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