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Here are 4 tips on what to do if your medication isn't covered by insurance:


  1. Check your insurance plan's formulary. Your insurance plan's formulary is a list of the medications that are covered by your plan. If your medication is not on the formulary, it may not be covered at all or may only be covered at a higher cost. You can find your plan's formulary on your insurance company's website or by calling them.
  2. Talk to your doctor about alternatives. If your medication is not covered by your insurance, talk to your doctor about other options. There may be a generic or less expensive version of your medication that is covered. Your doctor may also be able to prescribe a different medication that will work just as well.
  3. Ask for an exception from your insurer. If there is no alternative medication that is covered by your insurance, you can ask for an exception. Your doctor will need to provide a letter stating that the medication is medically necessary for you. Your insurance company will review the letter and make a decision.
  4. Look into patient assistance programs. Many pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance programs that can help you afford your medication. These programs may provide free or discounted medication to people who meet certain eligibility requirements. You can find information about patient assistance programs on the pharmaceutical company's website or by calling them.

If you are struggling to afford your medication, there are resources available to help you. Talk to your doctor, your insurance company, or a patient assistance program to find out what options are available to you.

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