Home Robberies looking for Pain Medications

Several years ago we had a rash of break-ins in our neighborhood.  What were these thieves looking for?  Not jewelry or expensive electronics… They were only in search of pain medications!  In many homes, these drug addicts found just what they were looking for.  And where did they look; Kitchens, bathroom medicine cabinets, bedroom drawers and nightstands, all the places where medications are typically stored.  This created a lot of uneasiness in the neighborhood and many people lost their pain medications.
This was another reason we designed Razbag.  No one would look in a closet, in a hanging bag for medications.  Razbag just isn’t recognizable as a medication storage unit.  It’s a black bag.  Better yet it is lockable.
Keep your medications safe; Not only from children but also in the unfortunate event that your home is ever broken into.
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